We’ve all seen the same tired and unimaginative language that’s been used in a million other job ads. People think that’s the way it should be done. So, they repeat the meaningless adjectives, clichés and empty words in their own ads, parrot-fashion. Pollyfiller  Parroting the same old rubbish that every other recruiter spouts.

Stating the obvious

The video might be fun to watch, but there is a point. Because recruiters often state the obvious in their ads. For example: We’re hiring (they know that; it’s a job ad) Where required (no employer is going to ask employees to do something when it’s *not* required) Work individually and as part of a …

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Weasels are sneaky. They write things that don’t really mean anything, but sound as though they do. Things like “one of the best…” or ”market leading…” The 2nd worst kind of weasels are those that work in recruitment. The kind that have been in the industry for about an hour and a half and want …

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Do you know why job boards tell recruiters to stuff their job ads with certain keywords and phrases? It’s to boost their own Google ranking for that particular set of words. The higher the job board’s Google ranking, the more likely that job board are going to attract more recruiters to spend money with them, …

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