10 classic display ads

To put job advertising into context, Mitch sometimes talks about the ‘old days’, when jobs were advertised in print. The print process was complex and expensive, as it had to include paper, ink, production and distribution. This meant that advertising was costly. Because of that, advertisers put more effort into creativity, in an attempt to get their ads noticed and make them work.

These days, advertising is comparatively cheap. Online ads are made of pixels, and they don’t cost much. As a result, advertisers tend to go for quantity over quality, and creativity has taken a dip.

Note that creativity isn’t compulsory. It’s more important for your job ads to be effective than clever.

Nevertheless (to use a deliberately old-fashioned word), I’ve compiled 10 classic ads for your entertainment and delight. Perhaps they will inspire you with ideas you can update for the internet age.

Note that not all these ads meet ALL the guidelines we share on the Copywriting for Recruiters course – but sometimes it’s OK to break the rules.

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