Jackie Barrie

Jackie has worked for 30+ years as a generalist copywriter, both in-house (where she was a hiring manager) and freelance. She has run training courses for over a decade, both online and offline. She’s also spoken at conferences around the world, and has published books on marketing, networking, writing for the web, and icebreakers & energisers for speakers and trainers. She has a degree in psychology and originally trained as a journalist. For more information, please see jackiebarrie.com



In direct response advertising, the call to action (CTA) is where you tell the reader what you want them to do next. Aside: That’s not the same as brand awareness advertising, where the objective is to get the brand ‘front of mind’ whenever someone thinks about that product, service or sector. In job ads, the …

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Passive v active language

It’s the difference between saying: “The mat was sat on by the cat” and “The cat sat on the mat”. In job ads, recruiters often write things like: “Experience will be advantageous” rather than “You’ll need to have experience” or “You’ve probably done this before”. Or they’ll write “Training will be provided” instead of “You’ll …

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10 classic display ads

To put job advertising into context, Mitch sometimes talks about the ‘old days’, when jobs were advertised in print. The print process was complex and expensive, as it had to include paper, ink, production and distribution. This meant that advertising was costly. Because of that, advertisers put more effort into creativity, in an attempt to …

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