“Human being needed. Must be able to speak and listen. Some experience in marketing would be desirable.”

Run that job ad and how many applications do you think you’d get?

Enough that, if you read them all, you’d be kept very busy.

If we pull back from that particular nightmare scenario, describing your ideal candidate as “dynamic”, “ambitious” and “motivated” is pretty much speaking to every person who might be reading it.

Even if someone is a raging pessimist, has no ambition and needs to be kick-started every morning, that’s probably not going to stop them believing those adjectives describe them.

Where do you think all those candidates get the idea to put “I’m a hard-working, ambitious and dynamic person who can work individually and as part of a team” on their CV?

I’ll give you a clue. It wasn’t from me. Or Jackie.


Words that recruiters love using but hate when candidates use them.

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