Being honest

Did you know that being open, honest and transparent is a current trend in advertising?

Let’s be honest. We’re trying to tempt you to do our online Copywriting for Recruitment course.

One way to convince you is tell you about results that other recruiters have achieved after they applied the techniques you’ll learn.

So that’s what we’ll do…

“Just a few weeks after I completed the course, one of my new adverts worked by attracting a passive candidate.”
Richard Federer

“Applying the learned skills to new adverts has seen a substantial increase in candidate quality and positive comments on social media.”
John Docherty

“Within a week, we saw an increase in applications and more engagement from applicants.”
Avril Ambridge

We can’t guarantee you’ll also get results like that within a week, but, if you want to try, the first step is to visit the website and find out more.

Copywriting for Recruiters

How to write effective job ads. Job ads that stand out because they’re more interesting to read. And job ads that are more likely to get noticed by the right people – even those passive and hard-to-find candidates.

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