“Bullets are easier to read”, they said.

“The reader needs to know ALL the job requirements so they can decide whether to apply for the job”, they said.

“They”, more often than not, are a marketing intern. Someone whose only other work experience was selling discount bedroom furniture and who are now working for a job board and writing blogs teaching recruiters how to “write the perfect job ad”.

But does listing bullet points such as “Ad-hoc duties and assistance with projects”, “follow health & safety guidelines” and “supervising junior staff when required” really encourage more of the right candidates to apply?

No, of course it doesn’t.

And do you know why?

Because they didn’t read it, that’s why.


When jobs are so easy to fill, all you have to do is cut-and-paste 2 pages of bullet points into a multi-poster, sit back and wait for your inbox to start pinging. 

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