Stating the obvious

The video might be fun to watch, but there is a point. Because recruiters often state the obvious in their ads. For example: We’re hiring (they know that; it’s a job ad) Where required (no employer is going to ask employees to do something when it’s *not* required) Work individually and as part of a …

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10 classic display ads

To put job advertising into context, Mitch sometimes talks about the ‘old days’, when jobs were advertised in print. The print process was complex and expensive, as it had to include paper, ink, production and distribution. This meant that advertising was costly. Because of that, advertisers put more effort into creativity, in an attempt to …

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Being honest

Did you know that being open, honest and transparent is a current trend in advertising? Let’s be honest. We’re trying to tempt you to do our online Copywriting for Recruitment course. One way to convince you is tell you about results that other recruiters have achieved after they applied the techniques you’ll learn. So that’s …

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How to create a job description

When people type “how to create a job description” into Google, what many of them really mean is “how to create a job advert”. If you’re one of these people, this article is for you. However, if you really are looking for help on how to write a job description, these links might help: