Creativity is not compulsory

Creativity is not compulsory

Some recruiters who do our course fret because they think they are “not creative”.

We have to reassure them that job ads don’t have to be “creative” in order to be effective.

Clarity beats creativity and cleverness.

Writing an ad is like serving a basic meal comprising meat and two veg (or the veggie/vegan equivalent).

Creativity is optional. It’s like the seasoning you add on top, when you’re in the mood.

For some meals you might add a simple sprinkling of salt and pepper. Other days, you might grate on some garlic and ginger, chopped lemongrass and chilli, plus a squeeze of lime. Another time, you might add a splash of brown or red sauce.

You’re not likely to use all the possible seasonings all at once, because that wouldn’t taste great.

Tip of the day. If you’ve opened your ad with an attention-grabbing creative headline (one that makes sense in the context of the job, and which is justified in the opening paragraph), you can tie it all up in a nice neat bow by referring back to your creative concept at the end of the ad. Perhaps by including a juicy pun. (Copywriters tend to enjoy those.)

Jackie Barrie might do a course on creative copywriting for recruiters. If you’re interested, ask Mitch Sullivan nicely and we’ll see what we can do.

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