Get customers to do your selling for you

One of the most powerful types of copywriting is when you get customers to do your selling for you. That means using case studies, star ratings, reviews, recommendations and testimonials.

In recruitment, you’re trying to sell jobs.

In job ads, that could mean including a quote from an employee about how great it is to work there, or mentioning their Glassdoor ratings.

You’ll discover lots of techniques on our Copywriting for Recruitment course to help you write more effective ads.

Can we prove it?

Dave Clark told us:

“Within a week of changing my approach to my job adverts I am already getting around 30% more views on my LinkedIn job posts. The majority of applicants mention how the advert stood out.”

For agencies, writing better ads can mean winning more clients as well as more candidates.

Kevin Adam-Hein said:

“2 months on, and I’ve already seen a huge ROI from ad & in-mail responses. The course itself is packed full of great content that I’ve not only used for copywriting purposes but for client pitches too.”

And here’s what happened to Georgia Bolton:

“I posted [an ad] recently and the response has been fab – not just with applicants but also inbound calls, LinkedIn views and a few ‘passive’ people, too! I was literally glowing from the response. So much so I took the ad to a sales meeting as part of my pitch, the client loved it, he even asked to keep a copy!”

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