How can recruiters promote themselves on social media?


I’ve never answered that question before so I’m kind of working this out as I’m going along on this one.

I think – and I’m basing this a lot on my own experiences of using social media – is to write short blogs about aspects of the job that the recruiter does.

It could an opinion piece or it could be a ‘how to’ piece, but something that demonstrates that person’s ability.

Because then you’re giving at least a semi-live indication of what kind of recruiter you are, and how good you are at your job.

But the downside to that is it can take a while to take root.

As someone that started writing blogs seriously in 2014, six years ago, it took a couple of years before people started taking me seriously. But I was consistent. I just kept putting stuff out, and getting into arguments with people – which, by the way, I don’t advocate to most people.

So I would write things to demonstrate your expertise, or your view of certain aspects of recruitment.

And that may well turn some people off you, but it’s more likely to turn the right people onto you. Because they’re going to know more about you and have a better sense of what kind of person you might be if you’re going to work for them.

Just make sure that, whatever you write, it’s the truth. Don’t embellish it too much.

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