How do you attract candidates to join your database?


I would never endorse the posting of a job that isn’t real, or that isn’t being recruited for as a phishing exercise, definitely not. Because that will just p*ss people off if they find out, and they probably will.

My understanding is… is there any merit in putting out an ad that is just inviting candidates to talk to you?

Here’s my opinion.

I think there are two obvious ways that you can attract interest.

One is to, again, just explicitly tell the reader what’s in it for them. How they might benefit from having an informal, confidential chat with you, and sell them on the benefits of you being able to be the eyes and ears for them on the marketplace, and it being an upfront investment on their part so that you can do what you do.

In other words, selling you as a recruiter.

The other way is… a lot of recruiter content does tend to sound the same, and a lot of recruiters do tend to talk about their jobs and what they do in a way that sounds very similar.

So a more advanced version of what I just said is to write something in a style that is easy to read, maybe humorous, that is conversational and friendly, so you can convey the message that you’re an easy person to deal with through the conviviality of the way you’ve written the content.

Is that a word, Jackie, conviviality? It’s always useful having Jackie here for the little small details.

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