How do you attract passive candidates in a recession?


People are nervous at the moment because the prospect of leaving a job that they’re familiar with to work at a company that they’re not familiar with, and to enter into a probation period… suddenly, security is out of the window.

So, it’s a serious consideration.

I think, realistically, people are only going to contemplate making that move, logically, if the target job looks a lot better than the job that they’re doing.

There’s always going to be a relationship between risk and reward. So if the reward is perceived to be high enough, they’ll probably take the risk.

What that reward will look like… the obvious one is the salary. If there’s a £10K increase, that’s probably enough for some people. Or a much stronger benefits package. It could be that it reduces their commute by half, or entirely. It could be a promotion. Could be a step up. It could be a chance for them to test themselves in a bigger arena.

You’ve got to identify what they are and communicate that to them, quite explicitly, so that they’re very clear about: “Yeah, that’s how my life would improve if I were to do that job. It would be worth at least me having a conversation”.

Once they’ve moved from reading the ad and responding in some way, to you, then it’s up to you what happens then.

Just to wrap that up, your ad needs to, very quickly and very explicitly, tell the reader what’s in it for them. And I mean, right at the top of the ad.

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