Informal copywriting

You have permission to start a sentence with And or But.

That was almost a hanging offence when Mitch Sullivan and Jackie Barrie were at school. But, in marketing and advertising, it’s practically compulsory. (DYSWIDT?)

Writing academic copy to pass exams has its own style. Writing corporate copy for a company sales page has its own style. And writing advertising and marketing copy has its own style.

Ad copy can be informal. Conversational. And still be professional.

For example, to make your copy flow, you can use linking phrases such as:

– And another thing…
– But you might be wondering…
– And what’s more…

It’s OK to break the traditional ‘rules’ of grammar (for effect). It’s OK to write as you speak (when you’re on your best behaviour, not when you’re chatting with your best friend). It’s even OK to use emojis in your job ad (if that’s a fit with the vacancy you’re writing about and the candidates you’re trying to attract).

<insert smiley face>

What do you think? Have you tried writing more informal job ads? Let us know how you got on in the comments.


This tip has been brought to you by Copywriting for Recruiters, the training course that helps recruiters to write better job ads. Ads that attract more of the right applicants. And maybe even ads that help filter out some of the wrong ones.

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