Brad’s an Accountant. He’s been one for about 15 years.

He’s sitting on the train home after a particularly bad day at work.

First, he was passed over for promotion. Then his boss behaved even more stupidly than usual. On reflection, Brad has realised that he’s become stale and isn’t learning anything anymore.

So, he gets out his phone and starts looking at accountancy jobs.

He starts his search on Google, then trawls LinkedIn and visits his favorite job board. He searches ‘Accountant, New York, $80K’. Brad soon starts seeing job listings for accountancy jobs, in New York, all paying $80K.

And what does he see when he clicks on the first one?

A job posting for an Accountant with a big list of tasks and responsibilities that include things like “preparation of statutory accounts” “corporate tax returns and computations”, “management accounts and tax returns” etc.

In other words, a job posting that explains what an Accountant does all day to an Accountant called Brad who spends all day accounting.

Now Brad knows what it’s like to be a woman who’s just had to listen to a man explain to her how use hair tongs.


Keeping people in jobs they don’t like for 20 years.

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