The age of the bot probably started back in the early 2000s.

That was when job boards became a thing and it was cheap to post hundreds of ads that were just cut-and-pastes of the clients’ job descriptions.

Then, whenever a fresh-faced graduate embarked on their career as a Talent Acquisition Consultant, on day one of their training they’d hear their new boss say; “This is how you post job ads, kiddo…”

Those fresh-faced grads that made it into management 8 months later, then taught the same thing to their own trainees.

That’s how bad habits get ingrained.

Whenever one of those trainees asked questions like “Why do we have to post job ads this way?”, they were earmarked as “being difficult” or “not really a team player”.

And that’s how bad habits get even more ingrained.


A recruiter who’s been made to forget that they were once a human being.

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