Stating the obvious

The video might be fun to watch, but there is a point. Because recruiters often state the obvious in their ads. For example:

  • We’re hiring (they know that; it’s a job ad)
  • Where required (no employer is going to ask employees to do something when it’s *not* required)
  • Work individually and as part of a team (explain one or the other if it’s a critical part of the job, but there’s no need to list both because they cancel each other out)
  • Follow health and safety procedures (this just means ‘obey the law’)
  • Helping achieve company goals (this just means ‘do your job’)
  • Are you looking for a job that rewards your effort? (the only possible answer is ‘Yes’)

Delete anything that really means ‘This is a job ad’, ‘Use common sense’, ‘Obey the law’, or ‘Do your job’. And try not to ask silly questions.

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