What’s the best structure for a job ad?


MS: I’m going to let you answer that one, Jackie.

JB: Oh, thanks, that was a surprise!

MS: You’re welcome.

JB: There’s a formula that stands behind all advertising. It’s tried, tested and proven over decades. And it’s a four-step formula that guides every advert that you write.

It guides every candidate conversation you have, every LinkedIn InMail that you write, and when you know it, it really helps you produce copy that is compelling to the reader.

You will hear about this on every marketing course, you might know it already…

It’s A for Attention – and that means your headline or opening statement, the bit before the ‘read more’ link.

I for Interest – and there are techniques in your writing style that will keep people interested in reading.

And then D for Desire – there are various writing techniques to ensure that the right readers recognise this is a fit with their skillset, their experience, their aptitude, their goals, their ambitions and so on.

And then finally, A for the call to Action, which, if you get that wrong, could be losing you good applicants, especially if they’re passive candidates.

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