What’s the secret to writing great job ads?


MS: Make it about the candidate.

Be very explicit about what’s in it for them. And don’t bury the good stuff at the bottom of the ad.

Sometimes I see ads and right at the end it’s got a little sub-section that says: “What’s in it for you?” and then I think: “Wow, there’s some interesting stuff there. That needs to be right up the top”.

Start every ad with: “Here’s why I think…”or a version of: “Here’s why I think you’ll love this job. You’ll get this, you’ll get this, you’ll get that, which you might not be getting where you are”.

Then your second paragraph builds on what you’ve already told them, and gives them a bit more information.

By the time you’ve finished writing that, you’ll have probably spent 200 words, and it’s all what’s in it for the candidate before you even mention who the company is. Because that’s what most people are interested in…

Before you write an ad, just answer this question in your head. “How might this person’s life be rewarded if they were going to do this job?”

And whatever the answers to that question are, that’s what you need to write about.

JB: It’s why do you want to work at this place rather than where you’re currently working, and answering that question is the secret to great adverts.

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