Where do you get your ideas?


Here’s a little technique that I use, which may help.

Obviously, and I said to somebody earlier, what’s critical to writing a good ad is getting a decent brief from the client. And one of the important elements of the brief is: “How am I going to sell this job? What is there about this job that I can sell to the types of people for whom this job is going to be appropriate and relevant?”

Normally I won’t come out of an initial briefing meeting or discussion with a client unless I’ve got at least two, possibly three or four, key things about that job that we think are going to turn the right people on.

So, whatever I think is the best benefit, I’ll then take that into Google. Normally what I do is I go to Google Images first, and I’ll type in, let’s say, I don’t know, let’s say a key benefit of this particular job is that the person is going to be given complete autonomy. They haven’t got to answer to anyone other than a monthly report with their boss. But they’ve got complete freedom, they build the strategy, there’s no legacy system.

So I’ll just play around on Google and type in words like: “freedom” and “autonomy”. I start with Google Images, normally there’s a little bit of humour in a lot of Google Images, and quite often I’ll see something that will spark an idea in my head, and I’ll think: “Oh, I could write that”.

Sometimes, I’ve actually more-or-less copied something that somebody said and I’ve just had to adapt it slightly to fit the format of a job ad.

So you’ll often, like me, I’ve often found inspiration just by playing around with certain words in Google, and just seeing what other people, how other people talk about that same concept, be it autonomy or freedom or bigger challenge or whatever.

It may take 20-30 minutes but, more often than not, I’ll get something, and that may help. It certainly helps me anyway.

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