Why choose this course #1: Outcomes

Our Copywriting for Recruiters course helps recruiters to write better job adverts. Adverts that are more likely to stand out from the rest, to attract passive candidates, and to filter out (some of) the time-wasters.

It’s aimed at recruiters at progressive agencies, but is equally relevant to in-house recruiters, HR professionals, and even business-owners and hiring managers who like to do their own recruitment.

Want to know what you’ll be able to do after you complete the course? Here are some of the measurable outcomes:

  • Identify 7 of the reasons why people leave jobs.
  • Identify the 4 reasons why job ads don’t work.
  • Describe the main differences between a job advert and a job description.
  • Describe how the standard marketing funnel relates to the candidate journey.
  • State the 4-step formula for any standard marketing piece.
  • Explain the difference between an ad title and an ad headline.
  • Detail 5 headline-writing techniques.
  • Explain the acronym USP.
  • Detail 5 techniques to maintain the reader’s interest.
  • Give the 4 words typically used in ‘top-down’ copywriting, and 2 words indicating ‘bottom-up copywriting.
  • Detail 4 ways to generate reader desire.
  • Define the acronym WIIFM.
  • Explain 3 ways to turn features into benefits.

For more information, please visit CopywritingForRecruiters.com.

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