Why choose this course #3: It’s specialised for recruiters

There are lots of copywriting training courses out there – but very few (if any) that specialise in recruitment copywriting.

If you need to fill jobs and you subscribe to this training, you’ll learn how to attract more of the right candidates to your job vacancies.

And the more of those you attract, the more money you’ll make, the easier your job will become and the happier your clients will be.

It doesn’t matter if you attract candidates through job ads, emails, PMs, social media or all of those channels, you need to learn how to write about people’s careers in a way that will be capable of attracting interest from people who didn’t think they were interested in changing jobs.

That is, until they saw your ad.

Copywriting for Recruiters

How to write effective job ads. Job ads that stand out because they’re more interesting to read. And job ads that are more likely to get noticed by the right people – even those passive and hard-to-find candidates.

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