Why choose this course #4: Social Media

Social media has democratised marketing.

What that means is that there are now enough free online platforms for any recruiter who specialises in a certain job discipline or business sector to be able to build their own audience of potential candidates and clients.

And do you know the most effective and sustainable way of building an audience?

Write content that they enjoy reading.

In other words, write from the perspective of the types of people in you want to attract.

There are many things these people will be interested in, but there is only one thing that they are all interested in. And that is themselves.

When you subscribe to this training programme, you’ll discover how to write content that speaks to your target audience’s self-interests.

Copywriting for Recruiters

How to write effective job ads. Job ads that stand out because they’re more interesting to read. And job ads that are more likely to get noticed by the right people – even those passive and hard-to-find candidates.

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