Why choose this course #7: What other recruiters say

When you’re trying to decide whether to try an online training programme, you probably want to be sure you’ll get a return on your investment.

To help make your decision, we can tell you what happened to other recruiters after they applied the copywriting insights you’ll discover on our course.

For example, Sarah Potter said:

“How does tripling your advert engagement sound? That’s what it did for me. I’ve had candidates say ‘I wasn’t really looking, but I loved how the company sounded in the ad’. We’ve made a number of direct hires this way, saving time AND money.“

Here’s another one. Yasmine Gray told us:

“This week we had an application that directly quotes my advert, citing it as the reason we caught their attention. This candidate could earn significantly more money in London with a more established company, but my advert convinced him to consider us anyway. Solid proof that the course has helped us attract new/better candidates.”

Finally, a comment that proves you don’t have to be new to recruitment to benefit. For example, Peter Ricci said:

“Who says ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?’ They are wrong. 25+ years in this game and I feel like a totally different recruitment professional.”

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